Frequently Asked Questions

SPRC is not a crisis center. If you are thinking of hurting yourself, or if you are concerned that someone you know may be suicidal, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by phone 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or chat.

How do I complete a course?

To receive a certificate of completion, you must do the following online: complete each lesson in the course, pass the posttest (passing score is 80% or higher), and answer the feedback survey questions. A green checkmark will appear across from each lesson/section when complete. Optional Resources are NOT required for the course completion.


Where can I find the Counseling on Access to Lethal Means (CALM) Course and the Preventing Suicide in Emergency Departments course?

Beginning on October 1st, both courses are accessible at The content will remain the same and the courses continue to be available free of charge. Please address any questions you may have to


How do I know if I completed a lesson?

To complete a lesson, you must click on all interactive content (including case studies) and answer the knowledge check questions at the end of each lesson.


Why can’t I submit my feedback survey?

If you are unable to submit your feedback survey for a course, most likely you already submitted the survey. You can check if you have completed this section by looking for the green check mark in the course menu page across from the section title.


Why can’t I access the posttest in a course?

The posttest will become active when each lesson is complete. To complete a lesson, you must click on all interactive content (including case studies) and answer the knowledge check questions at the end of each lesson.


Where can I find my certificate of completion?

It may take up to 24 hours to generate your certificate of completion. Once a certificate is generated, it can be viewed or downloaded at any time in the Certificates section of your profile. You can earn a certificate of completion once per year for each course. The course will let you re-enroll one year from the date of your last certificate.


Why isn’t my course progress being saved?

If you are using the Safari or Google Chrome browser, our system may not be able to track your progress. Our best understanding of this issue is that the default settings for these browsers block cookies, which means that your progress can’t be saved. 

To enable cookies on your Safari browser, follow this guide on the Apple user forum.

To enable cookies on your Google Chrome browser, follow this guide at the Google Help Center.


Why isn’t my lesson loading properly?

Users taking our course using the Microsoft Internet Explorer have experienced problems loading pages – sometimes the page will not load and other times there are sections missing from the page. We recommend using one of the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.


Can we get a report on course completions for users in our organization?

The SPRC online courses are available to individual users. To protect the privacy of our users, reports are not available to organizations to track their members’ progress. After completing a course, our system generates a certificate of completion. Your organizational members can submit a copy of their certificate for tracking purposes.


Can I earn CEU for any of the SPRC online courses?

We do not offer continuing education credits for any of our courses. Check with your professional organization to find out if you can receive credit.


Can I get additional documentation to submit for CEU credit with my professional organization?

We are unable to provide additional documentation for CEU applications. Each course description page provides the information requested for most CEU applications, including the course length, objectives, and audience.

Last modified: Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 11:50 AM